My Favorite Coaching Business Model

I just had this question asked to me and thought it was a fantastic question:

What coaching business models are there to choose from?… and which one should I start with?

I get it… this can be a perplexing question that stops you from ever starting.

However, let me share with you that there’s really only 3 models for a coaching business:

  1. One-On-One Model (You coaching ONE person at a time with a specified monthly schedule)
  2. Small or Large Group Model (You coaching 3+ people at a time with a specified monthly schedule)
  3. Information Product Model (This is typically a home-study or online modular course a client goes through at their own pace rather than you coaching them personally)

And I guess is you wanted to add a 4th, there’s also a “Hybrid” model that mixes any of the above.

Here’s the thing, I’ve actually done ALL of these coaching models and hybrid models in three different niches, and here’s my personal favorite:

Hybrid: Small Group + Online Modular Course

Here’s why…

  • Small group allows me to leverage my time as a coach but still get to know the group on a personal level. I like no more than 30 people in a small group.
  • The client get fantastic value from me and the others in the group
  • The client gets a more affordable rate than One on One coaching
  • The online modular course acts as the support material to help my clients learn in a more in depth way. I like this because they are being coaching live with me and the group every other week… PLUS, in between those weeks, they get to watch online videos and do worksheets that help anchor in the strategies and tactics they’ve hired me to help them learn deeply.

So here’s what this coaching model looks like if you want to considering using it:

  • I like to pick a set timeframe like 3, 6, 8, or 12 months (depends on what you are coaching on and how long it takes to help them get the transformation they are seeking)
  • The client pays in full up front at a discount or monthly at the regular rate
  • I set up a twice monthly conference call or webinar that is LIVE
  • I then create an evergreen online modular course that they go through in tandem with me coaching them as a group.
  • Their job is to go through the online training module before the next live call.
  • Then I hold the call with them for 60-90 minutes.
  • The call agenda is typically like this: Welcome, first I celebrate a group members success (name the person and how they made progress), then I put someone on the hot seat (I schedule this in advance with the chosen person so they are prepared and then ask them what their current challenges are and help them break through that challenge and come up with a powerful solution and action plan by asking questions and just being the coach they need me to be), then I open up to questions for the group and answer all their questions, then I wrap up the call.
  • This call is recorded and I upload it to the exclusive members area if they want to listen in later or maybe they weren’t able to attend live.
  • Then I repeat this process every other week. I tend to change it up a bit based on the needs of the group, but the overall format stays the same. Like, maybe I won’t do a hot seat one week and instead do a full out workshop where I have them go through a worksheet or exercise with me so they are taking action right there on our coaching call.

There you have it: A basic outline of my favorite coaching model.

All you have to do next is:

  1. Choose your coaching model
  2. Create your outline
  3. Create your coaching topics and what you’ll cover over the time period they are with you
    Then offer this to people who are looking for the results you offer

Have fun!

Brent Attaway
Founder of TENX Marketing