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What To Look For In Your Machine.

Every business is at a different stage. Here's a few important factors to look for as you compare which machine is best for your stage of business.

Spark Machine

Spark gets you started as fast as possible with the most affordable option. You'll get the perfect mix between "done for you" and "do it yourself". We set up all your automation campaigns and your web pages. You go to work on filling in the copy for your emails, copy for your web pages, and create and add your videos to the pages.

Mega Machine

Mega is our most popular option because you get everything in Spark, plus more automated campaigns, your own assigned project manager to hold your hand through the process, access to our marketing strategist and content creation team to assure you have the best content, and it's still incredibly affordable.

Ultra Machine

With Ultra, you get everything in Mega, plus you come to our home office where we do EVERYTHING for you... in 5 DAYS.  We built out your initial marketing funnel, write all your copy, produce your videos and launch on site. We set up your Ad campaign so you leave with your first new lead. Ultra is for the business who wants EVERYTHING done for them... FAST.

Infinity Machine

Infinity includes everything that Ultra has to offer but we manage your entire marketing funnel and campaigns, setup and manage your ads, meet with you weekly, and completely take ownership of your marketing for 12 months. This is a very limited opportunity for just the right companies we choose to partner with.

$999Total Retail: $3,800
  • Web hosting and domain setup for you
  • Offer Creation Online Course
  • Initial Funnel Flow Chart Strategy Call
  • Initial Funnel Flow Chart Built for you
  • Strategic MAP Built for you
  • Initial Funnel Automation Campaigns built for you
  • Initial Funnel Web Pages built for you
  • Infusionsoft Dashboard setup for tracking
  • Infusionsoft Setup Fee Waived
  • Content Creation Academy online
  • 4 Business & Marketing Coaching Sessions (after launching)
  • Ultimate Swipe File
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3 and 6 Month In-House Financing Available

$4,500Total Retail: $15,800
  • Everthing in Mega, Plus...
  • Machine & Content Creation Workshop: Park City, Utah
  • All email copy, web page copy, and videos done for you
  • ULTRA Fast turnaround: 5 Days
  • BONUS: Additional 7 lead and sales campaigns
  • BONUS: Additional 14+ Web pages for each campaign
  • BONUS: Setup and launch initial Facebook Ad campaign
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3, 6, and 12 Month In-House Financing Available

$30,000Total Retail: $75,800
  • Everything in Ultra, Plus...
  • Weekly marketing reporting
  • Complete marketing managment
  • Ad Campaign setup and managment
  • We take full responsibility for your marketing
  • 12 month marketing calendar plan
  • Quarterly KPI's
  • ... and more
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3, 6, and 12 Month In-House Financing Available

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We only can take on so many clients at once to help build their marketing machines. We want to assure this is the best fit for your company.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Machine Comparison & Financing.

  • Q.Do I have to finance or can I pay in full?

    A.By all means, please pay in full :-).  However, if you want to finance your Machine over time, it’s available to you.

  • Q.Can I get a discount if I pay in full?

    A.No. We’ve already MAJORLY discounted the pay in full price. You’re welcome to shop competitors to see for yourself that even paying the total financed price is in most cases (if not all), lower than our competitors.

  • Q.Can I pay with a check?

    A.No. However, we take all major credit and/or debit cards plus if you choose to wire the money from your U.S. bank account directly to ours, then we can arrange that.

  • Q.Can I pay with multiple credit cards?

    A.Yes… and no. Yes, you can pay with multiple credit cards but we must start with one on file and we will auto-debit that card until you update us with a new one. You can update your card on file in two ways. The easiest way is in our client online area where you can securely update your cards there. You can also call us directly to update your card on file.

  • Q.Will I make money before I make my second or third payment?

    A.We don’t know the answer to this question. Neither will we ever tell you or guarantee you will make money with your Machine. A business makes money from adding value with their products and services. We will build the Machine, but you must go out and offer value and sell your products and services.  Of course we make every effort to build a Machine that allows you to get the most amount of leads and sales possible, but there are no guarantees. It’s illegal for us to guarantee any income PLUS it’s an insult to ourselves and you to make such claims.

  • Q.What's the biggest difference between each Machine?

    A.The biggest difference (besides price) is the amount of hand-holding, the amount of automated campaigns we build for you, and the amount of content we build for you. Content is the major factor in price going up. This means you can do the content yourself and figure out how to write all your email copy, web page copy, and produce your videos for every part of your funnel… OR you have us just do it for you.

  • Q.How fast will my SPARK Machine be completed?

    A.The Spark is mostly up to you on how fast you want to complete it because we’ll finish our part of buildout in under 21 days but you must make the time to create and fill in all the content. On average, our Spark clients take 60-90 days to finish their content because life and business gets in the way and it’s difficult to stay focused without someone holding your hand.  If you’re a real go-getter, you can finish your Spark Machine in less than 30 days with ease.

  • Q.How fast will my MEGA Machine be completed?

    A.We guarantee your Mega Machine will be built within 21 Days. There’s one exception to this that often elongates the buildout beyond 21 days. The exception is YOU. With Mega, we give you all the guidance, consulting, and templates to assure you get your email copy, web page copy, and videos done and to us quickly. However, if you decide to delay that process more than 14 days, then we will need more time. In other words, if you decide to go on vacation, work on a different project, get sick, or just don’t do the work we need, then the 21 Day Guarantee is void.  All that said, you can count on us to complete our part within 21 days no matter what.

  • Q.How fast will my Ultra Machine be completed?

    A.We guarantee your Mega Machine will be build within 5 Days from start to finish. The clock starts when you arrive at our Main Office in Park City, Utah. We build everything for you including your email copy, web page copy, and videos right in our offices. You have full access to our content creation team and marketing strategists. Keep in mind that if you invest in Ultra and then wait 30 days to arrive in Park City, Utah that is up to you. Remember, the 5 Day clock starts when you arrive. We can typically schedule you in for your workshop as quick as 10 days of your initial payment.