Limitless possibilities. Marketing Machines.

TENX Machines are like no other marketing funnel. They change the way you look at your business and what you think is possible the moment you start using it.

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21 days. Start to finish. Guaranteed.

To reshape an entire industry's reputation for slow turnaround was no easy task. Using technology and some major innovations, an entire Tenx Machine is built in 21 days or less. No more 30, 60, or 90 day turnaround with half finished funnels still lacking content and sometimes never even launched. Because of our new innovations and new technology, we are able to do more and in less time. It's the worlds fastest fully built and ready to deploy marketing funnel, period.

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Get started for as little as $999

High-quality marketing funnels have long been defined by their high prices and they have limited many business owners from ever having the tools they need to succeed in today's world of technology and competitive marketing.  TENX machines just changed all that. Even if you bought the do-it-yourself tools and took the time to figure it all out yourself, we can build your marketing machine in less time and Less money. Not to mention using our expert knowledge to build proven machines rather than guessing your way through. You can get started for as little as $999. We even finance it for you if you need it, that way you can get your ideal machine in place and pay your investment off over time.

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An entire vault of campaigns at your disposal.

We decided to hold nothing back and build the largest vault of proven marketing campaigns in the world for coaches and consultants. Each campaign is built specific to consultants, coaches, speakers, and authors. There's over 75 campaigns and counting, we are continually adding campaigns to match your industry best practices and proven methods. We combine campaigns prescribed for your specific business model and create the ultimate marketing machine that runs on autopilot. We have lead capture campaigns, qualifier campaigns, sales conversion campaigns, seasonal promotion campaigns, and more.

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JAX. One machine that rules them all.

Introducing the world's first ever 'Marketing Artificial Intelligence'.  We call him JAX. With the almost unlimited campaigns we provide in our vault we thought it would be smart to build them all to work together as needed… automatically. JAX controls and manages your campaigns in the order and timing you tell him to… all based off your prospects actions. Forget linear marketing or even dynamic marketing. This is a whole new level of marketing. ONLY AT TENX.

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A smarter way to look at funnels.

Tenx machines gives you three simple and powerful measurements daily. You know how many new leads are generated, which ones are qualified and deserve your attention, and which ones have converted to paying clients. You also get a complete 12 month marketing calendar we help you build out. That way you have a fully ready marketing machine for 12 months, not just 30-60 days.

There’s a Machine for everyone.

We realize businesses are at different stages and have different financial resources. So we designed TENX machines to match those variety of stages and budgets. Because we want to help you get more sales and make massive profits, we've designed 4 ways to build your empire to the next level with the best possible marketing machines available.

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We only can take on so many clients at once to help build their marketing machines. We want to assure this is the best fit for your company.

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