How To Create Your Amazing Marketing Calendar Combined With a Marketing Funnel

This week’s Whiteboard Wednesday discussion is all about how to create your Amazing Marketing Calendar to generate more leads and sales for your consulting or coaching business.

Specifically, I want to show you how to combine a evergreen marketing funnel with a live real time marketing calendar.

Most of my clients are very advanced business men and women who understand business but don’t have the time energy or ability to map out an effective but extremely necessary marketing calendar.

So I created this quick video to help you understand how your marketing can flow for an entire YEAR!

Here’s what an Amazing Marketing Calendar can do for your business:

  • Give you confidence and clarity of mind
  • Makes it clear on which actions you’ll need to take the coming month to hit your annual goal
  • Get your team all on the same page and working towards a clear goal
  • Helps keep you accountable to what you set out to (avoid one of entrepreneurs deadly diseases: “shiny object syndrome”)
  • Most importantly: It provides a predictable flow of quality leads and sales

Watch the video here:



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