How To Create The Ever Popular Book Funnel

This week’s Whiteboard Wednesday discussion is all about how to create a book funnel to generate more leads and sales for your consulting or coaching business.

If you’re a speaker, this one works really well to have people opt-in right from stage to get your book for free.

Many of my clients ask: “Do I have to give out a physical copy of my book for this funnel to work?”… the answer…

NO, absolutely not…

You can create an e-book along with a nicely designed digital book cover and give it away or charge for it.

Watch my whiteboard training as I walk you through the entire book funnel.

Here’s what a great book funnel can do for your business:

  • Position you as the authority on your specific topic
  • Increase your rates both for consulting and speaking
  • Gather quality leads that are interested specifically in your topic
  • Helps to qualify your leads further and close more sales quickly (if you have a great offer for them right after you provide the book)
  • and a whole lot more!

Watch the video now:

Enjoy,  and if you are about to release a book and want help with a book launch, my team and I have created several successful book launches or RE-launches. We also will create a nice digital e-book cover design for you if you need it. Just fill out the form below to request a strategy session: