How To Write Your Lead Magnet

Write Your Lead Magnet

Difficulty: Intermediate

Video Time: 10:04

In this video we're going to walk you through a few examples of Lead Magnets so you can model these formats and choose how to write your lead magnet. We need the content for your lead magnet done and provided to your Project Manager.

IMPORTANT: We will design the cover for you. If you have plans to get the design done by someone else or already have a cover design, please inform your Project Manager.

Here's How To Format Your Lead Magnet:

  1. 4-5 Page Guide
    1. Page 1: Cover Design (We design this for you)
    2. Page 2: Intro Page
    3. Page 3-4: Content Pages
    4. Page 5: Call To Action Page (AKA: CTA page)