DFY Funnel Membership

Overview & What To Expect

Our Founder and Master Funnel Strategist, Brent Attaway, will walk you through what to expect from our team as we build out your funnel AND exactly what is expected of you. Both of which are highly important for you to be clear, so you can get the most out of your investment with us.

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What Turnaround Time Should You Expect?

IMPORTANT: The turnaround clock starts when you complete your Funnel Power Day with Your Project Manager... NOT when you purchased the funnel.

Fastest funnel buildout time: 30 days = all things align with the current workload we have and you get everything done on your end within 10 days.

Average funnel buildout time: 60 days = If we have a full workload and you're taking NO longer than 3 weeks to do your homework.

Longest it should take: 90 days = This should only be the case if you're taking more than 45 days to do your homework. If it takes longer than 90 days, we put your project on hold until we receive your homework and will have to charge a $500 "restart" fee to start the process over again.

The Goal: 45 Days = The ideal turnaround time we like to push for, which gives you plenty of time for you to do your homework. 

Start Here

Okay, you now understand what you get, what we are building for you, and you know that we're shooting for 30 days to get your funnel built. It's time to get started!

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