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Our Funnels Have Been Used & Featured By The World's Top Coaching Experts

Robert Allen

The Billion Dollar Info-Preneur

Loral Langemeier

The Millionaire Maker

Dave VanHoose

The World's Speaker Coach

Ted Miller III

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Dustin Mathews

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Build Your Own High Converting Coaching Funnel Without Paying "The Big Bucks!"

STOP paying an expensive team (like mine) to build it for you and just use our blueprint we've developed after building almost 800 funnels in just 4 years alone. (That's over 16 funnels built every single month)

  • Proven Coaching Funnel Formula

    The formula you’ll discover is the exact formula we’ve used to build over 800 marketing funnels in the past 4 years. That’s over 16 funnels we’ve built every single month and you’re about to get your hands on that same proven system.

  • Get Clients Begging To Pay For Your Coaching

    The DIY Coaching Funnel is formulated to capture, qualify coaching leads in a way that creates complete excitement and trust within your prospects, and makes them want to start coaching with you right away.

  • Never Go Without A Coaching Client Again

    The Coaching Funnel is designed to automatically bring in new leads like clockwork. You’ll sleep well knowing that your marketing funnel is constantly generating new leads that are happy to buy from you. You can turn up the dial if you want more clients or you can turn it down if you’re booked out.

Here's Everything You'll Get To Launch Your Coaching Funnel Within Just Five Weeks...

This class is built to guide you over 5 weeks to launch your funnel, without facing all the tech overwhelm and copywriting nightmares.

Fast Start

This module will direct you to the fastest Success Path possible. You'll see exactly what it looks like to have a thriving coaching funnel, what NOT to do, a sneak peak at creating your 'one offer', plus find out which tools are best to build your funnel.

Module 1: The Power of ONE

This module will give you a clear path ONE Goal, ONE Audience, and ONE Message. You'll also see step by step exercises that guide you through dialing in your messaging and the sentences you'll use to create the email and web page copy easily and quickly.

Module 2: Choosing Your Offers

This module is all about choosing the right coaching model and the right offers. You'll discover the best pricing models and how to setup your offers to be completely irresistible to your prospects.

Module 3 & 4: Build Part ONE & TWO

In these modules, the "rubber meets the road" and we get to building everything in your funnel. This includes your web pages, email autoresponder, and all your copywriting being completely done. YES, we give you fill in the blank copywriting templates to easily get it done FAST.

Module 5: Get Unstuck

This module helps you get unstuck from ANYTHING you might be struggling with. Is copywriting blocking your mind? Or how about the easy to use tools are not being "so easy" for you? Or maybe you're just stuck on deciding which offer is best for your funnel? Whatever it is, this module is all about getting answers right from our team.

Instant Bonus: Traffic & Sales

This module gives you everything you need to know on two topics: Topic one: how to get people to see your funnel, AKS: Traffic. Topic two: how to close coaching sales quickly and easily WITHOUT actually selling.

2 Major Graduation Bonuses

Once you complete your funnel, you are rewarded with 2 MAJOR bonuses worth the entire investment alone. Here's what you get as your graduation bonuses...

Bonus: Automated Fulfillment

Yep, you can actually automate a large portion of your coaching and have your clients thank you for it! This is all about leveraging your time and reach as many clients as possible without burning out as a coach. I'll show you how to do it in this incredible bonus module.

Bonus: Online Traffic Blueprint

Do you want to know how to get immediate traffic FAST? Then this module will show you how to leverage Facebook Ads to get traffic to your funnel after you complete it. You'll get the simple step by step instruction showing you the best and easiest way to get immediate traffic on a low budget.

Get A Sneak Peek Into The Coaching Funnel Class


Made to be simple to follow in just a few hours per week, without getting overwhelmed with technical stuff and without being a marketing genius.


CoachingFunnel is a proven formula after building over 800 funnels, including some of the world's top coaches.


This is a SYSTEM, this is not fluff or speculation. It's paint by numbers for coaches who want to get new clients using a funnel.

Proof The Coaching Funnel Works...

Here's just a few examples of what our clients have to say about their coaching funnel

I just wanted to let you know that we’re not even 72 hours into our campaign and we may need to shut it down soon because we can’t fulfill the orders if we sell much more.

Stephen Cook - Lifeonaire

I started out knowing nothing about this stuff and personally training individuals at gyms - trading my hours for dollars. Now I have a fully automated business model that brings in new sales for me daily. As corny as it sounds, I literally make money while I sleep.

Brandon Talbot - VolleyVert

They took me under their wing as someone who had never marketed himself and took me from concepts in my mind for marketing a coaching program through a finished marketing funnel.

Cory Branham - Premier Wellness

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  • q-iconWhat if I don't know how to write copy for my emails and webpages?

    No worries here. I have the proven copy templates specifically for coaches that you just fill in the blanks and your copy is done. You literally just copy and paste and go!

  • q-iconI'm not a tech person and "computers hate me", will this still work for me?

    Lol. I totally get it. Luckily, I’m with you on this. I hate all the OLD tools that require me to know some kind of “magic language” that somehow computers understand and spits out images, colors, and text. That’s old news. The tools I have you use are so dead simple that it’s literally drag and drop, click and save. You’ll build your entire funnel if you have the following abilities: You know how to get on the internet, you know how to login to the software, and you know how to click, type, and save. You’ll NEVER need to know code or special tricks to make something work.

  • q-iconWhat software do you recommend I use for building my own funnel?

    Here’s what I recommend for Page Builders: ClickFunnels is our favorite for page building OR OptimizePress is also an amazing page builder.

    Here’s what I recommend for Email Autoresponders: Aweber for a basic and less expensive autoresponder OR Infusionsoft if you want more advanced automation beyond just email campaigns. Btw, Clickfunnels has their own autoresponder if you subscribe to their larger package, this is nice because it becomes an all-in-one tool.

  • q-iconHow long will it take to build my funnel with this class?

    It’s a five week class, so it will take 5 weeks if you follow along. If you want to move faster, you can. Just let me know and I can move up your timeline. However, I recommend you follow the class in order to avoid overwhelm and burnout.

  • q-iconWhat if I'm not ready to build my funnel?... but I still want to invest in this class for the future, is that okay?

    That’s totally fine. This class is an online course that you take are your own pace. You can start now or you can start in 3 months from now. Once you purchase access to it, you always have access to it.

  • q-iconCan I have my marketing team or assistant use this to build my funnel?

    Yes, absolutely! Guess what? I use this to train new members on my funnel buildout team so they know exactly how to build coaching funnels quickly and easily.

  • q-iconHow do I find leads to go into my funnel?

    Once your coaching funnel is built, you’ll need to “drive traffic” to your funnel. I have an extra BONUS training on exactly how to do that. I’ll show you how to get leads for FREE and if you want to do paid advertising with Facebook, etc… I’ll also show you how to do that as well. Overall, first worry about getting your funnel built, then focus on traffic.

  • q-iconWhat if I’m a brand new coach and just getting started?

    If you’re a new coach, then you’re in the right place. This is built for new and veteran coaches. The system works to get your new clients, it doesn’t matter how experienced you are. So if you’re a coach (new or experienced) and you want more clients in an easier way, then this is a perfect fit for you.

  • q-iconWhat if I already have a funnel?

    Fantastic, you have a funnel! My follow up questions are:
    Is your current funnel working to get your new clients? And would you like a proven funnel system for coaches to get new clients?
    Are you looking to build an additional funnel to compliment what you already have?
    Even if your current funnel is working, this class is perfect for you to build more funnels and do them the right way from the beginning.

  • q-iconAre there any hidden monthly fees that you’re going to charge me after I sign up?

    No. You pay for the class and you get the full training. The only other fees are the software fees you choose to use to build your funnel. I would plan on budgeting between $100-300 per month to build and upkeep your funnels. The price depends on what tools you prefer to use. I cover all that in the training (I’ve used a LOT of tools, so I only recommend the best ones at the best prices)

  • q-iconWhat if I already have all the tools you recommend?

    Cool! Just use those and build your coaching funnel with me. Let’s rock!

  • q-iconWhy do you sell this DIY class when you also offer funnel buildout services? (What’s the catch? Are you trying to upsell me here?)

    There’s no catch and no trap where I’m trying to trick you here.  I’m holding nothing back in this class. You’ll be able to build your own funnel just as fast or faster than my funnel building team can build it for you.  Simply put, this is a DIY class compared to our done for you services. If you’d rather pay the larger amount to get us to do it for you, then that’s fine too. It depends on your budget and if you have time to build this yourself.

  • q-iconHow much time will I need per week to build my funnel?

    I designed this class to help you build your funnel in just 2-4 hours per week. That includes going through the trainings AND doing the work. So you’ll still be able to do this “on the side” of whatever else you’re already doing. Remember, I don’t want you to get overwhelmed and burnout… that always sucks!

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