How To Create Your Funnel Offers

In this video series, you will gain the correct understanding of what we mean by "offers", how your offers fit into your funnel, and how to create your offers. Notice we've also provided worksheet/resources to help you conveniently follow along and just get the work done as you watch. PAUSE the videos to your benefit, that way you can get the work done as we walk you through the "how to" process.


5 Fake Businesses To Model

Difficulty: Beginner

Video Time: 33:32

In this video we're going to show you how examples of funnel so you understand how offers fit into a funnel. This is highly important for you to understand so you can create solid offers for your own funnel.


Understanding The Ladder of Value

Difficulty: Beginner

Video Time: 17:50

In this video we're going to give you an overview of creating Irresistible Offers and how you create value to prospects and clients. We'll show you with the metaphor of using a ladder. Once you understand this "ladder of value", you can easily move forward with creating your own offers with clarity.

Write Your Lead Magnet

Difficulty: Intermediate

Video Time: 10:04

In this video we're going to walk you through a few examples of Lead Magnets so you can model these formats and choose how to write your lead magnet. We need the content for your lead magnet done and provided to your Project Manager.

IMPORTANT: We will design the cover for you. If you have plans to get the design done by someone else or already have a cover design, please inform your Project Manager.

Here's How To Format Your Lead Magnet:

  1. 4-5 Page Guide
    1. Page 1: Cover Design (We design this for you)
    2. Page 2: Intro Page
    3. Page 3-4: Content Pages
    4. Page 5: Call To Action Page (AKA: CTA page)

How To Create Your Instant Webinar - AKA: Video Workshop

Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced

Video Time: 5:16

Now it's time to create your webinar presentation. Download the worksheet, follow the steps, and build your webinar. This is the same webinar we'll add to your funnel, 99% of the funnels we build include a webinar... whether it's instant or simulated live (AKA: Automated Webinar).

Here's the General Steps:

  1. Decide what offer you'll be selling at the end of your webinar
  2. Write your script from start to finish (use the template/worksheet provided)
  3. Create and design the slides to follow along with your script
  4. Record the audio as you talk through the script... OR Record your screen AND your audio at the same time if you feel comfortable with doing both at the same time.
  5. If you choose to do the audio and screen recording separately, then you'll need to merge them both together in an editing software like iMovie (for macs) or Camtasia. Camtasia is a screen recording and editing software.
  6. Save your webinar recording as a .mp4 file.
  7. Now you have the final edited video you can send to our team to add to your funnel.
  8. Send the .mp4 file to our team via google drive, dropbox, or whatever large file sharing software you like to use.
  9. Done!